K2-Freestyle Sport Club

02 Oct 2007

The Sport Club has a history of ten years in advanced level ski instruction and coaching mainly for children and junior ski racers.


Foundation of Freestyle Sport Club

The skiing school was founded in 1996 by a handful of young racers, a few instructors, more than a dozen young skiing school students and their parents. The goal in the beginning was to get children like the sport skiing itself.
Later a handful of racers became a team and the K2 Sports Club begun to put more and more emphasis on racing.

By the 2001 season our club became the most notable Hungarian club in alpine skiing and also came in for remarkable accomplishments after the millennium.
We could and can guarantee our students success in Hungarian junior competitions and our racers have good chances to become members of the Hungarian national junior team.

By the end of the 2007 season the leadership of the club set two goals on the road towards achieving even better results:

  • To improve the skills of those children who can ski already by providing professional training. Children around ten years of age are capable of and are wide open about learning new things and respond well to challenges. They are therefore more than ready to learn new skiing tricks. Racing is not an aim for them. K2 rather organizes skiing camps for these youngsters where they can learn more advanced level techniques from professional instructors.
  • To organize ski camps for children between the age of 6 and 8 (children attending the last year in kindergarten or the first years of elementary school) who can ski already for the above described reasons, or to give a chance to the most talented to try professional skiing or racing. 
  • To show young and junior racers new prospects on the road to becoming professional racers.  

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Racing section:

The main aim of the club is that its members learn skiing and alpine racing techniques on a professional level.
Furthermore we would like to popularize Hungarian alpine ski-racing and on the whole develop skiing sport in Hungary.

Future competitors first try their skills out at local races (Tyrolia Cup, Bankers’ Cup Austria, Junior Olympics – Galyatető) later as professionals they compete at Hungarian competitions (National Championship, Opel Cup – Austria) and between the age of 10-14 our professional members have the opportunity to participate at invitation international competitions (Children’s World Cup, International Children’s/Students’ Olympics – Italy, France, Slovenia, Canada).

Junior racers during the first years of their racing career participate on FIS and CIT competitions. The goal is to qualify to the Junior World Championship and the EYOF and perform with flying colours as our members make up a great mass of the junior national team.
On the long run we would like these junior racers to be members of the adults’ national team and participate at world cups and the Olympics.

Our club has the opportunity to send children to the local or regional Austrian races. This has a twofold positive impact on the development of the children, they not only have to compete against a stronger group of adversaries that serves as an incentive for better performance and maximal endeavour, but also because of the frequency of competitions they acquire a routine in competing.

Five-six of our students are in the Hungarian National Children’s (over 12 years of age) Ski Team while some others constitute the bulk of the Junior (over 14 years of age) Team. The majority of our students are between the age of 6 and 9. They are expected to serve as the basis of the Hungarian national replacement team in 2-3 years.

The Club plans to establish a Hungarian skiing school for professionals. This would enable the children to spend the whole season in Austria while continuing their studies there and learning the language.